• When people ask for honestly often times what they are asking is for you to comfort them with what they want to hear.

  • "White women’s feminisms still center around equality…. Black women’s feminisms demand justice. There is a difference. One kind of feminism focuses on the policies that will help women integrate fully into the existing American system. The other recognizes the fundamental flaws in the system and seeks its complete and total transformation."
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    'Black World', Johnson Publishing Company, Chicago, 1972-1974.

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    'The Black Scholar', The Black World Foundation, Sausalito, California, 1971.

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  • Angela Davis, “Are Prisons Obsolete?” (via chinesekleptocracy)

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  • "The prison … functions ideologically as an abstract site into which undesirables are deposited, relieving us of the responsibility of thinking about the real issues afflicting those communities from which prisoners are drawn in such disproportionate numbers … It relieves us of the responsibility of seriously engaging with the problems of our society, especially those produced by racism and, increasingly, global capitalism."
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    “Poverty, the existence of the poor, was the first cause of riches.”

    — Peter Kropotkin

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    If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face — forever”. 1984 by George Orwell

    I’m just going to pull up this picture whenever someone says literature isn’t relevant.

    omg haunting.

    I always reference 1984 when describing our global society.

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    Fannie Lou Hamer…queen of my heart <3

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