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    Dear Joan,

    We reckon all the time in the future from the day of the man-chil’s death.

    Man-child, black man-child with submachine gun in hand, he was free for a while. I guess that’s more than most of us can expect.

    I want people to wonder at what forces created him, terrible, vindictive, cold, calm man-child, courage in one hand, the machine gun in the other, scourge of the unrighteous— “an ox for the people to ride.”

    I can’t go any further, it would just be a love story about the baddest brother this world has had the privilege to meet, and it’s just not popular or safe— to say I love him.

    Cold and calm though. “All right, gentleman, I’m taking over now.”


    This letter was written in response to the August 7, 1970 incident where George Jackson’s brother Jonathan Jackson attempted to free him from prison by taking the judge, district attorney and several jurors hostage. Later the judge and Jonathan Jackson were both killed.

    Jonathan Jackson was the realest nigga that ever lived. RIPower. 

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